Moss Amethyst Choker Necklace in Gold

16" | gold | necklace
This moss amethyst choker necklace features one of my favourite gemstones. Each moss amethyst stone is different; this one is petite at about 10mm wide and includes muted lavender and feathers of soft red. Lightweight gold-filled chain completes the necklace. Small pink amethysts decorate the lobster clasp.

The overall length of this necklace is about 16" (40.6cm), and can be adjusted if necessary. Message me if you would prefer a different length.

Coordinating earrings are also available.

Your jewellery will be packaged in a small gift box. Gift wrapping is available upon request.

What is Gold-Filled?

Gold-filled is an economical alternative to solid gold. By law, it has 1/20th by weight layer of 14 karat gold permanently bonded over a core of base metal. It is tarnish-resistant, safe for sensitive skin and unlike gold plate, it will not wear off. It is a great way to enjoy affordable gold jewellery.

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